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  • Version: 10.3.2

Record and mix your own music for free

Garageband is a free application developed by Apple for its line of Mac computers, as well as their mobile devices. Available as a stock app, Garageband is a DAW (digital audio workstation) designed to help musicians record and mix music. The program offers users many of the same features as professional audio tools, such as Pro Tools, yet is simple enough for even beginners to understand and control. Whatever instrument you play, it can help create quality recordings and demos.

Record your own music

For Mac users, Garageband was one of the first digital audio workstations they likely ever used. As an alternative to expensive software, like Pro Tools, it acts as a piece of introductory software that lets users record and mix their own music without having to pay high prices. It also serves as a stepping stone for Mac users before they use Logic Pro, also a piece of paid software. But just because it's free doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. In fact, it’s full of tools and features that even professional musicians use to record demos. Record numerous tracks using a guitar or MIDI instrument, generate beats and create drum loops, download different sounds and filters and export your tracks directly to iTunes—it can all be done here.

Designed for beginners

Professional audio tools can be complicated to use, but Garageband has made it simple for even beginners to get in on the music. With a stripped down user interface, it’s accessible and easy-to-use for most musicians or users familiar with Apple products.


  • Free to download and use
  • Create music right on your laptop


  • Limited features compared to Logic Pro
  • Not available for other OS

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GarageBand 10.3.2 for Mac

User reviews about GarageBand

  • Tintin Durden

    by Tintin Durden

    very nice music software easy to learn .dont sleep on garage band

  • Leila Almasi

    by Leila Almasi

    I think no other digital audio workstation can come close to the amazing features of GarageBand! I find this actually more useful than More

  • Amit Kummar

    by Amit Kummar

    I love everything about this software! GarageBand is simply the best! It provides the best audio art experience that a musician is cravMore

  • Janine Burke

    by Janine Burke

    I really really love this software! I really enjoy making and creating my own music using GarageBand. I actually prefer this better thaMore

  • Mario DaSilva

    by Mario DaSilva

    I actually prefer using this GarageBand software than any other professional audio tools because I find those pro tools more complicateMore

  • Chloe Baker

    by Chloe Baker

    GarageBand is really serving the best digital audio workstation for every people who aspires to be great musicians someday. This softwaMore

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